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Ponderings and Reflections for a New Year (2016)

December 19, 2015

Don’t let current affairs rob you of the Spirit of Christmas! We are the only ones to ensure that the Celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth remains visible, so CELEBRATE!!


I know things are tough all over, and it is easy to give into the sadness that the constant barrage of bad news and horrific images evokes.  It truly is a constant battle of our Spirit, to remain uplifted in these dark days.  One of the best ways we can ever fight the nonsense going on right now is to celebrate the birth and imminent return of our Savior, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Sometimes I wonder if we fight against the world too much…like, is it healthy for us to be fixed on the chaos that is ensuing (when I know it is much healthier to remain fixed on the goodness of the Lord)…I wonder if posting my frustrations do a disservice to my witness…because the fact is, this whole thing has been written out already. We are watching the Bible come to life. We have seen the flip of the world where good is now considered bigotted, naive and bad, and bad is considered fun, normal and good…we have seen the persecution of the saints begin. We have seen the enemy grow stronger as he goes back and forth ravaging across the earth in the form of ISIS, the entertainment industrial complex and big government. We are seeing endless revisions of history, of traditions, and of matrimonial definitions…we have seen a 450% increase in mega-quakes, as well as a major increase in fish and wildlife kills. We need no further proof of the time we are in. Now it is time to figure out how Christ wants us to spend that time. Shall we be like sour grapes or shall we keep fattening ourselves with the nutrients of Christ’s Word and Manna?

Shall the world view us as angry whiners, or as victorious in life. We would be better to use our witness to bring peace, joy and love, rather than to point out why we don’t like the world very much right now. ¬†I am just as guilty, if not more so, as are many of my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.


How can we adjust our tactics at this late stage of the game.  I often ask God to use me in His Kingdom building.  I want my will to be aligned with His.  I do not want to be found carving my own path, I want to be found on the path He already carved for me.

¬†I want to be a Light on the Hill, but I often find myself tangled in briars, like the briarpatch that is our current administration here in the US. ¬†I could write books about my disdain for the “change” our president made. But what good would that do? ¬†He is a man of his word…he certainly brought change. ¬†Government has become, if it has not always been, just another form of poor man’s theater. ¬†I have to remember to turn the channel of my focus from all the badness in this world, to the goodness of our Father.

He certainly wants us to be aware of these signs and wonders. ¬†He wants us to be prayerful and sober-minded…not just praying for others, but praying for our own strength, as displayed in this verse found in Luke, chapter 21. ¬†Verse 36:

“But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

He is not saying to lose sleep over the heart-wrenching changes, but to be sober and alive in the Spirit. ¬†Don’t sleep-walk into the den of sinners and dine on their tainted fruits. ¬†Have a little faith, for He is true to His promises and prophecies, Amen!


He will take care of you, and He will also deal with the evil in this world.  He is returning very soon to battle against all the principalities of evil, which their are many.

Can we win people over to the Lord if we are sour, pointing out all of the atrocities, or would we be better to share our experiences with Christ and how He continues to bless us, in spite of the darkness?

If we are sour grapes, we will be a bitter bite of life to others.  But if we are boasting about the goodness of the Lord, fat and happy grapes, then surely, more scales would fall off, as down trodden individuals noticed our lights shining brightly.  Everyone wants to be a fat and happy grape!


My friend’s daughter shared a glimpse of Heaven with her family before entering the gates. ¬†She saw big fat green grapes…no wimpy old sour grapes drained of life, no, she saw the ripest, juiciest liveliest grapes any eyes will ever see. Those grapes serve as a model for us! ¬†I want to be a big fat grape full of the living waters!!

I have recently, earnestly been praying to be made useful to the kingdom again, after a period of change and many sorrows in my life. ¬†I was constantly battling, every day, just to keep my soul from drowning. ¬†I had to stop focusing on the news and world events, because that just made me feel more dispair. ¬†How could God use such a sour grape. ¬†He is pruning us ¬†always, but He has no use for sour grapes, they do damage to His beautiful vine. ¬†I am guilty, I know of causing such harm. ¬†I often used the excuse of righteous anger…and surely there were times that my anger was righteous enough, but was my approach always through the Sword of Love and Light? ¬†I doubt it.

I will have to answer for any damage I have caused, and because we have use of the internet, there is no telling how wide-spread my personal damage to this world has been.

Have you ever thought about that?

I am very excited about 2016.  I am in constant prayer that I remain on the narrow path and that He is very clear as He guides me, so that I do not take a foot off the path.  I do not care who the next president is.  I still believe that they all work towards the same goals and that it is just a show.  I really believe my God is going to right every wrong and SOON!  So I am trusting in that, and focusing on sharing only His Love, His promises, His warnings, and how He works for the good of my own life.  I know I will still slip up from time to time, when some unbelievable news story rattles me to the core, but my focus will be on His promises and I pray He will continue to gently steer me back on course.

It is painful to watch loved ones turn from the ways of their fathers. ¬†It is especially hard to see the things pile up against the health and spiritual weath of these latest generations. ¬†Their battle is hard, so we need to find a way to teach them to fight against all of the attacks on their young souls. ¬†Sharing the Everlasting Word of the Lord, every day, to encourage these young ones to stay the course their ancestors’ faith laid out before them.

I believe God, the Holy Spirit, and our Dear Savior, Jesus Christ will do the rest.  The heart work.

But if we look or sound hateful..which IS SO easy to do, THESE DAYS, we will turn even more away from the gentle, pure love they are so desperately missing. ¬†Because we are not a reflection of that gentility, if we are raving about the latest idiotic thing spewing from some viper’s hole…

We are the gentiles. ¬†Born to be different. ¬†Yes, there will be those of us called to be warriors, through both prayer and action, but we are to be known by our ways. ¬†If we are as full of piss and vinegar as our enemy is towards us, how will any one be able to differentiate? ¬†It is no wonder so many have turned away, and again, this is not a pot calling the kettle black post…this is my confession that I have been less than useful at times, in this Kingdom Building operation.

The great falling away has been a heart-wrenching, discouraging affair, but He TOLD US this would happen. ¬†He didn’t tell us to make asses of ourselves and rise up to fight against this happening…He told us to love our neighbors. ¬†He told us to love our enemies. ¬†He told us to cloth and feed the poor and hungry and to care for the widows and children. ¬†He told us to correct our fellow brothers and sisters, however, He did not tell us to correct the world. ¬†We have enough on our plates if we just focus on those commands. ¬†He will settle all scores. ¬†He will do the hard work, He is the only one capable of changing hearts and minds and saving souls, we are just to be in the right place at the right time, so that He can use us in those tasks of His. ¬†So we should ask Him to put us where He wants us, every day.

I hope these words brings your souls peace, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our awesome King of Kings. I hope that God blesses you with peace, love and joy, as we allow Him to fight our battles for us. I hope 2016 is the year of changed hearts and changed minds.  And I pray that the Glory of the Lord Shines upon us all.

Trust in Him to do the hard work.  Ask Him to speak through you, to work through your hands and feet, and to protect your heart and soul.

Come Swiftly, Jesus, Come!

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