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Mental Illness is All the Rage!

By the time you finish this first paragraph, at least 85.9% or more of you will have formed a negative opinion of me.  Nevermind that you have been conditioned to do so.  I  only ask that you keep on reading.  My God in Heaven makes no mistakes.  If you are born a female, you were intended to be a female.  If you were born a man

…yeah, yeah, yeah, you get my drift.  Life is hardening me.  I swore I’d never let that happen, but that was when I thought I was in control of things…you know the little things, such as life.  But I am in utter disagreance with the majority and popular opinion.  And I am fine with that.

It no less than pains me to be privy to the horrific details of self loathing and self mutilation of the infamous athelete formally known as Bruce Jenner.  Now he’s Bruce Jenner 2.0, or she…don’t shoot!

I am a closet viewer of the E! tv show that brought the spotlight back onto the chipper, aging athelete and his vapid brood of spoiled vixens (well, two of them only recently went the way of the Rising Sun as well, but the rest of the clan had been there for a while.)

Some will ask, if you are a Christian, how can you talk like that?  All I can say is that some Christian has too.  So many professing Christians are too worried about being cool or politically correct to even touch such subjects, and at worst, they actually see nothing wrong with Bruce’s decision to become Caitlyn. They join the majority and laud this troubled soul with high praise as he’s been awarded with his own Diane Sawyer interview, as well as a two hour special on E!, followed by a complete documentary series to come, also on E!  If that is not enough, he is now being awarded as a “hero” in the ESPY awards (whatever they are). All for being plastered on the cover of Vanity Fair, airbrushed, spanked, and hiding the man hands and tiddly bits! That’s not heroic, it’s faire for the vain!

Would you like to know what is really Brave? How about fighting a flooded raging river to save a child from drowning?  Or laying down your life for your country, or running through a blazing fire on the 55th story to save a lady and her 79 cats.  It is not  getting a boob job and plastic surgery and dressing in drag.  That, my friends, is entertainment.

Really, the whole world has gone mental.  Or is mental illness something else entirely?  First, you need to know what I think about Bruce’s route.  I pitied him as husband to Kris Jenner.  She seemed to be very controlling, and stifled him in many ways.  Maybe if she had let him have the golf course in the back yard and a place to display his helicopters, he’d still be Bruce.  Perhaps she helped to further emasculate him to the point where he felt that if he can’t beat them, then why not join them.  I don’t buy the official story and I don’t care how many hours are devoted to convincing us it’s the genuine truth.  I have trust issues, I guess…he was such a virile man, in his younger years.  But money and power never fail at corruption, and I am sure Bruce has paid dearly for it.

I have mentioned the demonic and Satanic influences that are interwoven in the fabric of Hollywood in some of my other blog posts.  Mental illnesses are also prevalent there, as is divorce, rape, drug addictions, sexual depravity and all other manner of sins, including all 7 deadly ones.

So it is not really a stretch of the imagination to ponder on the fact that Bruce must’ve been mental to make such a decision. Like one of his daughters, I wanted to know if he would still be attracted to girls and would he consider himself a lesbian at that point …and how backasswards is that?! He must be mental!!

But what if he’s actually possessed? He feels that he is a woman trapped inside a woman’s body. Now if people find it so easy to believe that, then is it really a stretch to consider that he has been possessed by a strong spirit or demon, for a considerable chunk of his life? (or so he says.  He claims he used to sneak around in his mom and sister’s clothing as a young boy.)

What if, what if, just what if he were to have sought help in the Christian community about his feelings.  As Christians, are we even equipped to deal with the possibility of demons and demonic possession?  I’d say that the majority of Christians are definitely not and that half of those do not see demons as being real or effecting people in the world today.  However, we are equipped, as God gave us plenty of information about demons and possession. Start with Ephesians chapter 6..

I am of the belief that many mental illnesses are misdiagnosed.  And I believe that just like Mary Magdalene had several demons attached to her, millions of people today live with the legion of demons torturing their souls.  These dark forces of evil  are the thoughts that won’t die down, the things that make your soul writhe, those noisome voices in your head.  And what other than twisted thoughts and mental fracturing can cause a man to desire to be a woman so much, he can no longer face the day as a man?

Am I positive that possession is a factor in the athelete formally known as Bruce’s decisions? No. Mind Control experimentation also came to mind. He is definitely a prime candidate on many levels and since I’ve been pondering the hows and whys, and questioning the official lines we are CONSTANTLY being fed, I keep coming back to D.I.D. (disassociative identity disorder) and M.P.D., or multiple personality disorder which are side effects of being a mind control victim.  I have no proof of any of this and the majority will continue to cling to B/C’s every word, because that’s the supposed safe choice.  Y’all do know he’s making big money doing this, right?!…That fact’s just another thing that sets him apart from real heroes.  Gotta earn the big dough to pay for the big change, right?

Yes, as I age, I am becoming more cynical.  But I am also raising boys and when I think about them dating, I wonder now, will a man in a dress try to fool them?  This was not something I ever considered before this century…and in this decade all kinds of high strangeness is ramping up. High profile Bruce Jenner is just another cog in this machine to destroy American values and ideals.  When you are endorsed by a twittering president, you must be doing a job well done.

I am very worried about our country.  As the whole of us marches joyously away from righteousness, God’s hammer gets ever closer.

I pray you Know the Rock and Cling to the Word, Pray daily for discernment and understanding and ARE found Hidden Beneath His Wings!

Until next time, Vaya con Dios!


A Prayer for the Oath Keepers

For a few months now, I have mulled over what to say and how to address the very real concerns surrounding Jade Helm.  I have been unnaturally cautious in my public thoughts and musings concerning the unusually large-scale, multi-faction military operation, because the town we live on the outskirts of, is one of the listed participants.

In doing the “Will I, Won’t I” dance, and reading more ex-military members’ commentary and concerns, every new day, I have managed, by the Grace of God, to experience relative peace.  He has always been with me and will remain with me, no matter where I wind up.  And this ol’ life, as difficult as it is beautiful, is but a fleeting temporary doorway into the richness and lightness of eternity.

Over the centuries, so many men and women have stood in the gap, taking the fury through bullet or blade, for an ideal, for a people, for a nation.  The world is rotting in discourse, and “things are strange all over”, and because of the valor and honor that men and women have displayed in the past, I still have some smidgen of hope in humanity.  I hold on to what I believe is the good word of the Oath Keepers.  The men and women who love and honor both God and country, who believe in maintaining our freedoms and rights in accordance to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights we were raised under. These souls are sprinkled within every military branch, as well as within police departments, fire departments, and emergency response units through out our country.  They are willing today down their lives for us if push comes to shove and directions become difficult to obey…

So instead of focusing on all the what if’s, why’s, who’s, when’s, where’s, and what’s…let us come together in unity and agreement in prayer for the Oath Keepers, May they be ever vigilant and true.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before You today in all humility and with repentant and thankful hearts.  We are greatful for Your Mercy and Grace and sacrifice of life on our behalf through Jesus Christ, and we pray to be more sacrificial in our daily lives, to better reflect the Son.  We are sorry we have become weak, complacent and negligent of our standards and morals and ask your forgiveness as we soberly look towards the future.

We thank You for the strong, assured hearts of the men and women who are willing to stand for what is right, and stand against what is wrong and evil, knowing death is a possibility.  Oh, what splendid heroic hearts and souls you create!  We thank You for these true countrymen and women and ask that you give them discernment and bless them with foresight and wisdom in all matters.  We pray that You would cover them with Your supernatural protection and that they be made ready for and if the day for them to live up to their oaths arrives.  You are our strong tower, our shelter, our power and strength.  Empower us who believe, to be the light, the peace, the truth You speak, to be Your Holy, useful, utilitarian vessels, constantly filled with Your Holy Spirit and constantly shedding Your Holy Light and Your Heavenly Hope.  Let us all magnify and glorify Your goodness, Your power and might, it is in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


I was watching the first episode of the new season of Married at First Sight, and was shocked that out of the six people they chose, not a single one was a professed Christian.  Even the Indian had strayed from her familial ties to their prescribed Hindu faith.  These six people were described as being “open” to faith, but not practitioners.  They, like so many of God’s people, have strayed from tradition for new shiny self-awareness and new age practices. These people chose to profess nothing, but having an open mind. (If you open your mind too wide, your brain tends to fall out).

If you see a red rose, you would not say it’s a colored flower, you would define it as a red rose.  If you saw a flat tire, you would not say the tire is okay, you’d be sure to mention that it’s flat.  So if you know God, you know in His jealousy, that He prefers that you apply the whole truth when discussing Him, not just some theory.  He doesn’t take kindly to lukewarm folk. He’s like, meh…why bother pretending? Do they think by not completely denying Him, they are somehow safe?

The truth is found within the Word.  God is not just “some higher power”  He is THE Higher Power, the Most High God, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He is that we are.  The Creator of All Life.  He warns us through His word of a time when men would come under strong delusion, and I KNOW we are in that time now.

I think about how Elijah had the ultimate faith in God.  One man versus a whole group of pagans, in a challenge of the gods.  (Refer to 1 Kings 18).  This particular group of people worshipped Baal and Asherah, and Elijah challenged them to pray to their gods to start a fire on the alter.  850 pagan priests prayed steady for a few hours, but not even a puff of smoke arose from the alter.  Then Elijah dug a trench around the alter and even poured buckets of water onto the wood, such was his faith in our Lord Almighty.  He then prayed and instantly, God answered with fire!

This is the God I’ve come to know. A God that answers, a Fearsome and Powerful God; He is as the Word says He IS, to this day, the same God of the same character…and His Son, just as forgiving as the day He died and rose again to sit at the right hand of Our Holy Father. Beautiful, isn’t it, how true they’ve remained?

I look for prayer requests on facebook.  I am blessed to have many friends who still adhere to the Word and know that only He can answer calls for healing and help.  I’ve seen so many amazing testimonies after prayers were answered! Yes, there have been a few “no’s” along the way, but even in the no’s, He manages to be magnified and elicits praise from the lips of His faithful followers.

Today you can be a virtual follower of ANYONE!  Through social media, you can “follow” your favorite sport’s star, politician, actor or friend.  With all of this following, it’s no wonder so many people have been led astray and/or have lost their way. There’s only One that we should follow along the narrow Way, and that’s Jesus!

Tradition is being smashed and trashed…but why? Tradition has long been upheld as a familial treat and way to honor our past, our ancestors and in many cases, our God. I’ve been long of the mindset that there is a force that intends to destroy the family, faith, unity, and morality. (Ephesians 6) So is it any wonder that when I look around at all that’s happened on this planet since my arrival 38 years ago, that my heart breaks just a little?


my great-great-great grandparents

I think of my grandparents. They came from farmers and oil field workers, maids and dirt poor conditions of the previous generations. But there was a force stronger than all the grief, trial, and circumstance, that deeply bound those family members to one another and to God. They carried themselves in such a manner that beckoned respect, honor and dignity. When I look at old pictures from my father’s childhood, one can’t help but flashback to “Leave it to Beaver”, and honestly, they certainly were inclined to keep up appearances.


my daddy’s holding the puppy

Women dressed divinely, most often in dresses, very classy and refined, an aura of dignity, their crown. Men looked upright, clean cut, and strived to be a gentleman, even if they didn’t necessarily act as such in private. Divorce was almost unheard of, and the family unit was solid. These were a people who knew their God and honored Him in their manner, their dress, and through their offerings. They were proud and hard-working, after all, they made it through the Great Depression and worked to rebuild lives, as well as creating commerce and industry at an unprecedented rate, making the USA a profitable, honorable country. The United States was a beacon of light and hope in those days, and the presidents prayed before the people to the One True God, thanking Him for His Providence and for richly blessing our country and her people.

What happened??? I know everything really began ramping up in the 60’s…that was when LOVE was redefined! You can bet that was a big power move by our common enemy. He’s all about redefining God’s creations. Free, easy, guilt-free lust and lasciviousness disguised as love. Drunkenness and drug abuse hit an all-time high and society began a long-term nose dive. Divorces began climbing to the epidemic proportions we’ve seen in this last decade. Music was taking a dark trip of it’s own, and the porn industry was taking it’s first breath of life not long after. And look at us now, folks…woul’ja just look at us NOW?!!!

And that brings me back to “Married at First Sight.” The most interesting thing about this new season may just be the gorgeous Indian lady. She made it glaringly obvious that she harbors an abundance of anger, due to being bullied about her race and faith as a child. So does anyone else find it interesting that though she has since shirked her religious heritage, she is actually going back to her roots through the acceptance of an arranged marriage? Just a little humorous irony, before I get back on track.

These people, fed up with the natural routes of seeking a partner have put their trust into the hands of relationship and spiritual professionals, because they no longer trust their own judgment. I have to wonder if they ever considered asking God (or Shiva for the beautiful Indian woman) to help them find their mate, but since they are pretty far removed from practicing the faith of their fathers, my guess would be that the thought to include God in this process never crossed their minds. These people suffer in spirit and suffer mentally, as well, and the cure to all that ails them is just a call away.

That’s one of the most awesome things about God, and what separates him from us and our human frailties. He never tires of hearing from us, and NO ONE can touch His multi-tasking abilities. He’s OMNIPRESENT!

And that leads me to the “spiritual experts”. Just what deems you qualified to be a spiritual expert? These “experts” are pushing a Unitarian agenda on society. As each generation passes, less truth is carried with them. Because their parents have not studied God’s Holy Word, and let Jesus into their heart and lived their faith out loud for their children to learn from, their children had no example in which to learn from. Many, many, many Christians are guilty of routinely going to church, but not staying close to God daily through prayer and meditation on His Holy Word or sharing their faith openly with their family and friends.

Within a generation, much can be lost, if not cared for properly. If you leave something on a shelf, it’s liable to rust, or gather dust, or wilt, or die, depending on whether it was a vase, a book or a plant. If you run your car without ever changing it’s fluids, you are asking for trouble. Everything needs maintenance in order to last, but for some reason or other, people seem to think that faith is maintenance free. How do you know what God wants for your life if you do not know God?

Knowing God will take a lifetime. As soon as you think you know Him, He reveals another facet of Himself to you. Through reading the Bible, you stay close to Him. I’ve said this before, but have you ever noticed how you can read the same scripture at different times in your life and it carries a different message to your soul every single time? That’s what is meant when one says that “the Word is alive!” It is one way God ministers to you.

How will you know whether or not someone is telling you the truth or just some twisted version, if you do not know the Truth? Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. He is the Truth. To know the Truth, first you must accept the Truth…get it yet?

You can’t go with the flow (a rather new flow of poo, really) that says the bible is just a bunch of fairy tales. You can’t sit on the fence and keep mum about how you really feel, just to look cool. You really think this behavior is going to fly with God??? Joe Cool will be judged not so cool…and may end up rather hot…really. I see this wolf-pack behavior so often online and off, it’s disgusting. I look at these people and sin with a cuss…I think they are chicken-spits…(rhymes with spit anyways, God forgive me.) I am not perfect. I do sin. I have awful thoughts about cowards and abusers. I know I’m to pity them, but sometimes I just can’t. I think ignorance is a safe way to live. I think a lot of people are playing it safe and just have to wonder, what are they so afraid of? Chicken spits.

I used to be one of those “love and light” chicas. I used to really believe God was going to let everyone in, whether they accepted Jesus or not. I believed in Jesus, but wasn’t concerned with anyone who said they were pretty sure there was a higher power, but that they didn’t think it necessary to talk to or worship an invisible man in the sky. The number of times I’ve heard this…I digress, I think I’ve chimed in already about the atheist/deist/theists broken record of repetitive phrases, like a record of number one hits…if not, oh well. I’m more concerned about the re-writing of history and the total attack on Christian faith and principles.

I used to think I had God figured out and that in the ending there would be rainbows and butterflies and joy for all. But God was dealing with me. He was opening my eyes to the falsehoods sprinkled in with the truth and then it flipped and He showed me the truth being sprinkled in with the falsehoods. He showed me how they had taken from and added to His Holy Word.

Then God reminded me that we are powerless, and He is all-powerful, and that we are not to make gods of ourselves by taking claim of His power. He showed me that this clever meshing of Christian talk and New Age talk combined is the great and strong delusion that will fool an entire generation.

As I committed my life FULLY to Him, I cannot sit idly by when someone shows sign of being caught in the web of deceit. As Jesus saved, and saves to this day, I wish to help any who professes to following Christ, back onto the right path. The Way is narrow….so it can be easy to step off of it, if not careful (neglecting studying the Word and praying in the Spirit) or if misled. We are all being bombarded with distractions, neat theories, warped beliefs, and the collective are a few the flying arrows of Ephesians 6…

The devil would rather you remain concerned with your own happiness than reflect for a moment on the suffering of others…that’s his trap of self-absorption, self-centeredness, self-focus, self-awareness…it’s either you at the center or Christ…there’s no two ways, only one!


There are two ways…the right Way and the wrong way. When you turn from the Light, you head straight into darkness. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life…all other paths lead to hell. It is real…please don’t fool yourself or others that it’s not. Don’t “cool” your way out of eternal life. Everyone wants to be relevant and cool, hip with the times, but no one seems to care about being cool enough for God. He’s looking for different qualities than the world is focusing on. Do you know what they are?

Let God be enough…the nirvana all the hippies seek to achieve (and only get glimpses of) lives and thrives inside the heart of the believer. There, in the Garden, the Holy Spirit awaits, offering an ever-flowing spring, a thriving, abundant and ever-producing crop of joy, peace, love, healing, hope, and all other fruits of the Spirit, the Holy living waters flow everlasting, unstoppable by time or any other power. This is what He offers us, inside us, this wealth of treasures not to keep stored up, but to replenish us and shouldn’t that be what flows into the lives of others through laboring beside them, helping them, caring for them, and encouraging them in these dark days. In reality millions are being slaughtered in the name of war and religion. The darkness is steadily growing because His Light is growing dim, His people have fallen asleep at the wheel. A light bulb cannot take the place of the sun, false hope and false prophets only counterfeit the hope ONLY found in JESUS.

Know the Truth and Proclaim the Truth, we’re in the business of Kingdom Building and Salvation for All Nations! Time is short!

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12(KJV)

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

She Can’t Be Serious!!! What IS She Talking About??

I’ve admitted to having a wild imagination as well as an obscene fascination with the macabre…maybe not in so many words. This obsession with rabbit holes has led me to uncover some insane findings over the years.

Mia Wasikowska plays Alice in Tim Burton's rendition of Alice in Wonderland

Mia Wasikowski plays Alice in Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland

It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I’m bubbling over with odd bits from my different journeys through the earthen tunnels of ether, and figured now’s as good a time as any, to get this strangeness out of my system once and for all. The problem is, this thing webs out in so many different directions, it could wind up being more a book than a blog.

I’ve tried as I could to step away from this muck, but like muck, it’s muddy and I’m stuck spinning my wheels in it. I figure by writing it all out, I can finally be freed of it and move on to different interests, subjects and thoughts, for good!

Now mind you, I don’t know what to believe and what to disregard anymore in this interwoven bit of bunk I’m about to pump out. I’ve always known that truth is stranger than fiction, though and that many conspiracy theories have turned to truths as well. So I’m going to dive in and FINALLY spew this stuff back into the ether where it belongs…you can chew on any portion you’d like, or not…it’s understandable, either way.

It all started about 15 years ago when I first got the internet. As much as I said it was the devil’s tool and I’d never get it, society kind of bent me in a way to see it as beneficial for our home. I loved search engines and many such engines led me to the same website again and again. I found many like-minded individuals there who dared to delve below the curtain to see what the wizard was doing on the other side. I quickly became a part of that club, with a thirst for knowledge and a drive to fix things. (I think the latter is due to being a young wife and mother…I was wanting to fix the world for my boys…and fix my husband, to boot!).


can she fix it? No but God WILL!

Then 9/11 happened. I was completely dissatisfied with the official stories and found all kinds of old government/CIA documents that pointed out different ways such a dreadful day could be caused. It was dark, sickening, disheartening, and in the very least, extremely shocking. I think my innocence died the day I found a specific manifesto.

Anyways, I no longer trusted my government. I no longer saw elections the same nor the politicians that were appointed “by us” to serve us. Politicians are self-serving entities who in many cases could care less about the people whom appointed them. We are ALL peasants in their eyes, and their agenda is not what they are selling us from behind the podiums before election day. They are not working for us, but for the heads of the banks, but for Rome, but for the Royals…this pseudo-elite group of untouchables, and usually unidentifiables (I make up words). They are the wizards behind the curtain and they have set plans to get God angry and get this Armageddon Bowl rolling. They are perhaps unwilling, and yet perfect members of Satan’s Army.

They control the airwaves, the food supply, the World Health Organization, the markets, the oil, the financial institutions, the education systems, they control it all. Their reach spans the globe and all institutions, but also reaches even further. It reaches underground. It works with the alphabet soup of organizations around the world, completely out of sight. These DUMBs, or deep underground military bases, are where my dark research took an even darker turn.

You see, I’d seen things in the sky I couldn’t explain. I’d experienced several other very strange encounters in my life that had no earthly explanation. In my research of ghosts and UFOs, while trying to get answers that would soundly explain my experiences, I only found more rabbit holes. Some theories that I accepted were about aliens being demonic in nature…why else are the stories of those wild encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind always so terrifying? Very rarely can you find a story of someone who enjoyed being probed or being in communications with aliens…and those folks seem verifiably crazy!! What you find even with the most intellectual of abductees is a sense of fear (See Whitley Strieber). God does not give us a spirit of fear…thus, aliens and ghosts are not of God.

I tended to be more drawn to the more human explanations that pointed to secret military operations. (See operations: projects Bluebird, Monarch, Artichoke, MK-Ultra, etc,; cointel psyops). I could see parallels that made swallowing a pill that said CIA experimentation led to such abductions a little easier to do. The CIA have some twisted methods…just think LSD. (

Such rabbit holes led me to learn about programming methods, brainwashing and complete mind control. I was already, by this time, convinced that both Clinton and Bush were puppets, so this was not a real stretch of my imagination by this time in my unique journey. Although it would become more of a stretch with the more of this kind of information I absorbed.

How these things all seem to be connected and always seem to bring me back to our government heads and departments, is rather uncanny, in principle. Pedophilic-Satanic Child Sex Rings, Boys Town, Bohemian Grove, Grand Masonic Lodges…these too, lead you back to Washington and Buckingham Palace and The Vatican in one way or another. How else can you keep a man quiet and compliant other than to have him involved in sick acts of depravity, rape and murder. HOW MANY MEN/WOMEN HAVE FALLEN INTO THIS TRAP??



I recently saw footage of a grandfather and mother interviewing her daughter and son, upon finding out they had been involved with their school’s satanic sex ring. Their father, Papa, was the leader of the group. The two abused children matter-of-factly described Papa holding their hands on the knife as they decapitated babies during the animalistic rituals they were forced to be part of. They both described in harrowing detail, their rape, torture, and the special shoes made of baby’s skin, that all members wore. They named names and described the most private parts of people’s bodies, within their school. Through research, I found that those teachers, nurse and headmaster are still employed at that school named in the video, to this day. The children have been taken away from their mother, and most likely were forced to say they were lying. There’s no way on God’s green earth, that they could’ve made up the things they shared. These children and countless millions like them, need our prayers and our attention. This stuff is real and is an uncontrolled epidemic that MUST be stopped!


What you find in such secretive rings of filth and oozing power are the crust of civilization. These groups pull in city leaders, officials and intelligence from their communities to gain power through corruption. Nothing like eating a baby’s heart or raping a defenseless child to corrupt the soul and bind a person to their witnesses…and there are plenty of witnesses. From police officers to clergy members, from city managers to school administration members, their reach is far and purposeful. They are driven by the darkest of forces, Satan, and his hunger for power, money and control. (Look into allegations against Nicole Kidman’s now deceased father, look up elite hunting parties, or the history of the Mothers of Darkness castle.)

In combination with the high strangeness and sick animalistic desires of the world’s leaders, I’ve found even more bizarre things nobody really wants to believe or talk about. Just last night while watching a rather horrible movie, I was reminded again, of the possibility. There’s this actress named Mia Wasikowska. She is the SPITTING or SPLITTING image of Gwenyth Paltrow. I’ve been amused in the past by stories I’d read of cloning. Okay, amused and sometimes a little disturbed, and that’s where the DUMB’s come back into the tale.



Recently, I’ve discovered the claims of Donald Marshall (a proper youtube search will yield quick results). Now, in order to accept even a portion of what he’s shared (not sold, mind you, but freely shared), you have to stretch what you accept as the realm of possibilities. According to his telling, the “they” of our world have long been cloning people to use for multiple purposes, from pleasure, to torture, as well as for programming to carry out specific acts of violence, terrorism, and other nefarious tasks that fool the public. This would be a great time to point to Fritz Springmeier’s endless and thankless works in defining these dark areas of control. He’s felt a calling to go where few will go, in hopes of saving lives and exposing dark crimes. I understand all too well what it’s like to be called into a life serving the King instead of the World. I recognize his work to be as difficult as it is unaccepted by the majority.

The majority would rather watch horror movies than recognize the true horrors occurring in their own communities. Just as with any parasite, if let go unchecked, unnoticed, or ignored, it will only fester and cause a deeper, more difficult infection to find a cure for.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, from Greece to Spain to Holland to England to the good ol’ USofA, according to a few either brave or completely insane souls, all of these things are linked and growing stronger, day by day. From cloning to slave trading, the elites have long since grown bored of the typical vacation to the beach or the snow-capped mountains. The way they recreate makes criminals of them all. From rampant drug and sexual abuses to abuses of God’s very structure. They make Sodom and Gomorrah look more like Disneyland.


There is a dark purpose for all of this lasciviousness and secrecy. To bind men and women into doing the bidding of their puppeteers. From Hollywood, the animals have been let loose to parade around so scantily clad that they might as well be fully naked…it would seem less insulting. Their songs teach baby ears how to be rebels, sexual animals and predators, hungry for sex, money and fame. From the political centers of the world, their policies allow for abuses to natural God given rights, and re-writes law to conform to their warped ideals.

I don't know about you, but I think they're trying to tell us something...

I don’t know about you, but I think they’re trying to tell us something…

From the medical realm, they control how well we are allowed to get, keeping cures away from us peasants, all the while breaking ceilings in medical advancement. On the educational front, they re-write history and encourage new programming to alter the way the future thinks and operates, and I can promise you that these new programs are spitting right in the face of all that is good and holy and true. From the financial corners, the pillars that hold the roof over this world (so they think), there is constant manipulations in the gold and oil markets, for starters…and I haven’t even gotten to the high-tech, top-notch fakery that leads so many people into a stupor, which is the media/crisis actors/false flag events.

I’ve mentioned it in a past post, that I don’t find the following phrases amusing, but instead very revealing.

“All the world’s a stage.” “War games”, “political theater”…why use these phrases and lines if not to point to the air of trickery involved?? Thus leading me back to clones. If a portion of what Springmeier has shared concerning organic robotoids and clones are true, not to mention the possible experiences of one Donald Marshall, then my own musings could not be very amusing at all. In the least, thousands of people are being robbed a good night’s sleep to be part of some “elite fight club/champagne room”, and in the worst, well…there’s so many different worst case scenarios and possibilities here. The mental abuse alone, not to mention switch and baits, hedonistic abuses, and the complete and total deception of the human race.

And if you’re still with me on my path of insanity, it is here that I’d like to mention that Paul is dead. Of course, many have long written this off as some piece of insane conjuring of crazy acid trips and Beatle mania, or something like that. Did Paul die in a freak accident? Did the Beatles decide to cover that fact up and try to carry on? Is there really a Faul (or fake Paul) McCartney? Well this little stunning piece of lunacy did amuse one of my sons and me for a couple days. Heather Mills seems to think Paul has something very big to hide and he’s kept the mystery alive through unusual answers through the years in different interviews. George Harrison has even been recorded calling Paul Faul.  Do I believe this stuff? I don’t know. I don’t not believe it…if that makes sense.

And Mia Wasikowska has a name and origin that doesn’t help my brain to see straight…being that she’s from Australia (see Kidmans) and that her name is Me a was a cow-sk (a play on words?)…and cows were the first thing cloned (if I’m not mistaken…back either in the late 60’s or early 80’s…again, I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment {it happens}). Would it be such a stretch if she were a cloned version of Gwyneth Paltrow? HAHA! Who knows, we may never know, but I think there is more going on in this world than meets the eye. And while the higher ups are scrambling to keep things on the down-low and mum, the victims are giving voice to the cause. Are you going to join the millions of doubters or believe the VICTIMS stories and help expose evil no matter what shape or form it’s in? That’s the question.

call me crazy...

call me crazy…

it's rather bizarre, just how many movies and videos depict cloning stations and methods so similarly, it's as if they're trying to tell us something.  But most of us receive this as far-out sci-fi.

it’s rather bizarre, just how many movies and videos depict cloning stations and methods so similarly…as if they’re trying to tell us something. But most of us receive this as far-out sci-fi.


A face only a highly controlled robotoid daughter could love…or the face of a psychotic child rapist posing as a psychologist.


This world is strange. Some things aren’t strange, but many things are. In all these misadventures into the dark tunnels of ether, one thing keeps being highlighted. Evil exists. Just as I know that to be true, I know goodness exists too. It comes from a singular source. All things that are good, just, and profitable to the soul, come from God. The God that is able to protect you from all the darkness that’s out there, in all it’s sick and twisted forms, is the very God that can save us all from the lies and the evil that is closing in around us.

On this note, I want to add, be aware of where your money goes and what platforms you get behind. We’re being lied to, and there are people in this world in a mad scramble to keep these things hidden. Scientists die, bankers jump from their high-rise buildings to their deaths, whistleblowers are muted, countless victims are threatened, secrets held over their head. Do not get caught up in the trappings of this world. Pray your eyes open to the layers of deception so that you will be equipped and know how to face every situation you encounter. May I add that inviting God to lead the way, is the greatest order of protection.

I may have some crazy thoughts, but I’ve got an awesome God!


The Best Insurance Policy Available

Life is so precious. Both highly valued and highly sought, people work hard to enjoy a quality of life that is never truly attainable. It’s always out of reach, just beyond our grasps. As we set and conquer each new milestone, a roadblock knocks us off course and we have to re-route and re-calculate the possibilities. Sometimes, we experience drought and the creek doesn’t rise enough to allow us to continue fighting up stream, and we find ourselves stuck in stagnating waters.

My analogies are many, my experiences have amounted to understanding, more than success. What I’ve come to understand is that we all need insurance. We need home insurance because we can’t stop the floods and tornadoes and we can’t just pack up our turtle shells and hall them out of the path of a hurricane or a series of earthquakes. Most disasters, including fires, are completely unpredictable. You can have the nicest home on the block or a rickety hovel, and be struck down in the same instant.

totally unpredictable ...yup, life happens.

totally unpredictable …yup, life happens.

We need health insurance because well…illness happens, and just as the big fancy house and small humble abode are not immune, we are all found equals when it comes to cancer, to disease, to organ failure and broken bones, are we not? And our cars! We need auto insurance just as well. I’ve never yet to hear a story where the drunk who managed to survive said, “I swerved to miss that Lamborghini to hit the ragged out ol’ Pinto, because it’s time’s expired!”

And there’s the ever popular life insurance, so that when you expire, your loved ones do not suffer financially. A nice one if you can get it, as it helps with funeral expenses and burial costs. I’m kind of digging that new biodegradable urn with a tree seed inside…I told my husband when we were first together, that we’d come back as trees in our next life, so that we could grow tall for ages together, and then, if we were taken down, we’d be milled together and built into a beautiful home together, and enjoy the sounds of family love, through the ages…together.

Yes, I was a silly romantic back in the day.

All of these insurance policies don’t really buy you much if nothing ever happens. I’ve been paying liability auto insurance for umpteen years now and it’s felt like money out the window, the whole time. However, I dutifully pay it, just in case the worst ever happens. I will grumble from time to time, as I personally feel that we should be rewarded for the lack of accidents we’ve had in al these years. I should get a year of free insurance for my good driving record! (*But instead, I will just sing a song of praise!*)

Alas, there is only one place where you can get insured free for life, and I cannot think of any coverage that even comes close to the coverage you get when you buy into the Good Life Insurance Policy.

Yes, with the Good Life Insurance Policy, you will find that you are freed from fear, worry, doubt, and a troubled spirit. By putting your life into the Hands of the C.E.O. of this operation, you will actually be granted NEW LIFE!! WHAT?! Get out of here, you say! Bare with me, I retort!

The fact is, anyone who rejects this FREE INSURANCE POLICY, is gambling with more than just their lives on this earth, they are playing roulette with their souls! Now…why would you do that?

Policy as defined by Wikipedia (in brief): A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol.

Policy as defined by Merriam-Webster (1a & 2a): prudence or wisdom in the management of affairs; a definite course or method of action selected from among alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decisions

This Policy Holder’s been in the business of protection, guidance, and provisions since time began. This well-tested, tried and true Master Insurer has seen many individuals, families, groups and cultures through horrific trials and burdens, and every time, the insured come out singing His praises!

Have you ever woke up in the morning to find your body not cooperating with your mind? You need to spring into action, but your body doesn’t have the spring you expected it to have? Do you feel like your body’s abilities do not match how you feel on the inside? Like a kid waiting to get out and run, jump and play, but you know you’d better take it easy or you’ll hurt something? What Health Insurance covers is that part of you that isn’t doing as well as you feel it should…and Life Insurance covers that same body, when it finally breaks down completely before it turns to dirt or ash. But your operating system, your RAM, your SOUL, it needs insurance too! To ignore such an important part of you and it’s needs, is very irrational, but often overlooked.

So many people claim they don’t need God. But I bet they have auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and/or life insurance. Why not soul insurance? Here’s a policy that requires very little in the way of you. It’s more about Him. It’s about what’s already been done to insure you have a Heavenly experience once your meat-suitcase releases it’s final breath.

The fact is, this insurance comes in the form of a gift, there are no premiums, no adjustments, no paperwork. It is advised that you read the Instruction Manual provided. It’s the best selling book of all time…it shouldn’t be that difficult to get your hands on one. It’s called the Holy Bible. I recommend getting the King James Version (KJV) as well as the New Living Text (NLT), so that you can easily translate some of the more difficult to understand parts of the KJV.

This past week, here on the farm, we’ve lost five of our quail to a night predator. We assumed to guess it was either a possum or a raccoon, that snatched the heads right off of our birds, but we were wrong. It didn’t matter in the end that it was an owl, what mattered was that life was lost, suddenly, without warning.

swooping in for a midnight snack

swooping in for a midnight snack

That owl has lived above those quail in the hollowed oak tree, for months now, but just set into action. The enemy always has a plan. Our enemy has been working on this final game plan for centuries. As humans, we are all made as equals in the face of our enemy, because like it or not, we were all created by the same hands…and those are the Hands of God. Satan HATES everything that God created, so yes, even if he seems more like a best buddy, Satan hates you and wants nothing more than to see you burn alongside him in hell for all eternity. He wants to see you separated completely from the Love of the Lord, and he’s created a billion ways in which to keep you apart from our One True Love. He works to wrap you up in pain and misery, but also can be found wrapping you up in so much creature comfort and luxury that you believe yourself to be enough. That’s how crafty the devil is.

And just as our houses are made equal by way of disaster and our cars by way of accident and our bodies, by way of illness, our souls are created equal by way of the Lord and are equally threatened by our mutual enemy. Muslims call Jews and Christians their enemies, but that is a distraction and a lie. Our true enemy is not human nor does he possess human mortal weaknesses. He’s been going strong for centuries, setting the proper conditions into place, so that the world would grow ripe with sin. And here we are. Look around you. Is this world full of peace and joy and Light? I know that those situations exist in fragments, but on a whole, this world is sick and dying. From it’s people, to it’s flora and fauna, you will find signs of decay, distress and anguish all around.

On our land, the old oaks have shot sucker branches straight into the air, a sure sign of the end of their life cycle. I feel it’s a sign for us as well. It is one of the winds that spurns me to stay on task here. Our life cycle is threatened as well. Talk of WWIII continues to ramp up, and with three separate headlines in the past week of different world-wide army’s war games that has included sinking US Naval carriers and battle ships, it’s a hair past time to prepare.

So, there is no time like now to invest in the proper insurance. Jesus’ blood covers all your sins, all your misgivings, all that makes you human, thus err to fail. Through accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior (or personal advisor), you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is made welcome to reside in you, by invitation. He breathes life into your inner man, and helps you get your outer man back on the right track. When the outer man dies, the inner man is reunited with his/her Creator, a way only made possible through this investment. Basically, you are putting your life in God’s hand. By doing so, you are giving Him permission to mold you into what He created you to be. You are saying, “Hey God, I want to be useful to you. I want you to take my life and make it work for you.” You are saying, “I trust You to do better for me than I can do for myself.”

If you do this, you will be rewarded richly for trusting in the unseen for your ultimate protection, guidance and providence. You fulfill Jesus’ response to Doubting Thomas, during a special period of time in Jesus’ disciples’ lives. (Oh to be a fly on the wall that day!!!)

John 20:24-(NLT)

Jesus Appears to Thomas

One of the twelve disciples, Thomas (nicknamed the Twin), was not with the others when Jesus came. They told him, “We have seen the Lord!”

But he replied, “I won’t believe it unless I see the nail wounds in his hands, put my fingers into them, and place my hand into the wound in his side.”

Eight days later the disciples were together again, and this time Thomas was with them. The doors were locked; but suddenly, as before, Jesus was standing among them. “Peace be with you,” he said. Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and look at my hands. Put your hand into the wound in my side. Don’t be faithless any longer. Believe!”


28 “My Lord and my God!” Thomas exclaimed.

29 Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”

My life is a testament of faith in Jesus, He has saved me countless heartaches and trials, and I’ve not been one to deserve the saving. I know I am blessed to have this insurance and because of my life experiences, I want you to know such blessings. We can’t avoid the inevitable, but we can go forth, through life, protected and insured an amazing afterlife, basking in the Light of our Creator!

Why remain in the dark, uncovered? No one will be turned down or turned away! Good Life Insurance is for everyone!

Get ya some!

Eighteen Years A Mother

Tuesday marks an impactful milestone in the lives of my oldest son and myself. He enters legal (though questionable) adulthood and I join the other mothers of adult children, a toughened, unique club of hardy members. As I contemplated writing this, I realized immediately that in doing so, I am bound to make my much older future self laugh at what now seems wise, and will surely then echo of foolishness. I say this as I look back on the little happy, hopeful fool that I was when I first had him. I was twenty and thought I knew it all. I thought I would do things differently, dare I say better, even, than my own dear Ma. In a way, I think we all launch off in life with this frame of mind. It’s a good thing we’re made of clay, so the flaws can get ironed out over time and experience.

When I think of my son’s future, I have both hope and sorrow. I didn’t expect those kinds of feelings when I gave birth…no, everything was sunshine-filled golden days ahead. I’ve always been both grateful and scornful of my wild imagination! The world I gave birth to him in, did not look like the one I will release him into. He’s not quite out the door yet, but soon, whether by merit or poor choice, he will be and I will have to apply grace on my part, to his exit. Why does the world have to be so mucky? It was safer when I flew the coop…the enemy was hidden…but now, he’s in your face, no matter which way you turn. I am grateful that he has the Good Lord’s protection, that he’s completely covered in prayers from those who love him. He’s a blessed man-child, to know so much love, to have such a solid family structure. And now my thoughts turn to him. Will he choose to get married, have children? I hope he waits. I hope he enjoys life and gets solid footing before he jumps into such commitments. I hope he finds success waiting around every corner, and I hope God continues to protect him, when I no longer can.

I’m a fiercely protective mother. I know it’s flawed, as I tried to shield them from so many awful possibilities. I hope one day they grow to appreciate all the measures I’ve taken to ensure they know right from wrong, because in this world of so many shades of gray, there still remains the solid truth…Truth (The Way, the Truth, and the Life). Good is definite and evil is definite. Our family’s been blessed with the Truth for centuries.

When I was pregnant with Sammy, the nightmares began. I would have a recurring nightmare that someone snagged my baby out of the grocery cart when I turned my back. You can bet I never ever turned my back on my boys when they were young! With my second son, I had a similar dream where he ran away, far away, and I could not catch him. I never knew fear until I knew the fears of motherhood.

I think it is through mothering this particular sweet child, that I began to learn that I could trust more in God. Granted, my third son’s birthing experience really cemented that trust, but it is through His gestures in our lives that we come to know and trust Him more, and well, my oldest gave me a few opportunities for such growth, and it’s a good thing…because I know I’m going to need that trust in the years ahead and I’m grateful to have it!

When Sam was just learning how to walk, he began to toddle down the steps into our yard, one beautiful Spring day, when suddenly, he lost his balance. I was right behind him, but could not move fast enough to catch him, and time seemed to slow down a notch, as I watched his precious face head right towards the tomato stake that I had fixed my little tomato plant to. Fear seized my heart until I saw, with my own two eyes, him move, as if pushed or bumped, away from the stake. He landed roughly, but safely beside the staked plant and all I could do was say, “Thank You Jesus!” as I picked him up and told him he had amazing angels (covering him with kisses while surely squishing him with hugs)!

The joy of my days

The joy of my days

His Heavenly Guard’s next display came on a grey, slightly foggy fall morning, I was pregnant with my forth son, and was seeing Sammy off to his bus stop. Sam crossed the street, not seeing the big grey dodge truck barreling down the road at an unusually high speed (we lived in a quiet neighborhood, and most people observed the low speed limits, so this truck really seemed to come out of nowhere.) Again, I saw the truck, but couldn’t get to Sam fast enough or get his attention to RUN!! But my eyes saw something happen that is not possible, lest a tree be there. The truck came to an instant stop, inches from Sammy’s little nose. Only a supernatural force could’ve caused the truck to stop like that, and all I could do was scoop up my son, praise the Lord and then, due to the fear, chide him severely, the rest of the way to the bus stop! Sometimes, fear brings out the worst in us, and relief comes out like steam.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that these children are not my own, but are God’s, and I’m just caring for them in the meantime. He proved that where I’ll fail due to human limitations, He would not. I trust hard in that, to this day. I know He will finish the work he started in my son, and I know that my son will continually experience revelations in his own life that will draw him closer to Our Father and will mend some of our broken fence posts, as well. You couldn’t have told me that raising boys was hard, when they were young, if you tried…but people…it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I constantly feel as if I’m failing…but I still hold on to faith. These people that have been forming under my roof will have to learn the hard way, just as we all did, in one way or another…well, there are a few I’ve met that make me wonder if they ever had to learn the hard way…I’m not one of them, by a longshot!

me and Sam

The morning Sam was born, I had a major revelation in love. In a way that I could not have possibly understood before, I recognized the depth and commitment and solidarity of God’s unconditional love. I just thought I knew what love was, before that. I could not have loved more deeply, than in that moment, if I had tried. As they grew to disappoint, Nazareth’s song, “Love Hurts” really began to hit home, it hurts, it does, it does, it does. I thought about the ways that I must’ve really deeply hurt Our Father, and that made me all the more sorrowful for having committed such sins. I recognized a deeper connection as a mother, with the Supreme Father.

(On a side note, I didn’t know that “Love Hurts” was recorded by a group named Nazareth…there’s some irony to that…don’t ya think? I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t argue that Love Hurts. He loved us so much, He took our punishment upon Him. Hated, cursed, spit upon, beaten until bruised, bloody, exhausted, crucified, tortured upon the cross…Yes, Jesus knows love can be painful!)

Tough love…something pretty popular when I was growing up, has gotten tougher in a world that seems to be all about rewards. It’s slowly becoming incomprehensible to this newest generation. Sam and his brothers have been rewarded with ceremonies for completing expected tasks such as pre-k, kindergarten, junior high…rewarded with ribbons for simply participating in some recreational sports, and I was blatantly truthful with them, with each “achievement”, telling them that it’s ridiculous in practice to award everyone. Mama will even admit that it’s tougher today to parent than it was when she raised us, as entitlement has been programmed into them through those false rewards. Kids these days expect instant gratification and the world served up to them on a silver platter…or silver ipod…

On the day we brought him home, we were flanked by bluebonnets, during our drive up I-35 from Austin to our home just north. I was so proud as a Texan, that my firstborn son was born in the capital (right down the street from that grand historic building), and that the bluebonnets bloomed in time to help usher him home. Like the red carpet of Hollywood, the blue carpet was rolled out by the Heavens to celebrate the birth of my little prince.

peace like a river

peace like a river

I see fabulous signs of strength, integrity and valor in him now, though age keeps them hidden sometimes under a cloud of teen angst. For years, I’ve given him the responsibility of getting himself and his brothers up for school, and he has never, NOT EVER once failed to do so. He can build fences, run heavy equipment (tractors/dozers), weld, run all saws (including chainsaws…his angels saved him again…not his shorts…and oh how I long for the day he shares that testimony!!), he’s an amazing ball player (though he will deny this…so deluded he is, breaks this mother’s heart!!)…he’s prolific in thought and speech when he cares enough and I just think he’s so handsome and lovable, I only hope one day he can see himself as God does. As I do, even.

such a pro

such a pro

He’s been a great kid. His struggles were mostly scholastic, because he’s a lot like me…we learn better in tangible manners, and the controlled environment is stifling…so I just know, just like me, he too will come into his own, taking everything he has learned and make it work for him. I’m grateful that he’s not leaving yet, even though some days, it’s tough to feel that way. I know God will help me overcome these newest fears I’m experiencing. I know He’s not the one giving me these feelings…but it’s hard to even think about my son being on his own sometimes, even though he’s so close to being fully equipped to take on the world without me…


He’s a great shot. Last year, he brought home 2 deer and 1 hog, that helped feed us for quite a time. He’s got great humor, and I’ll miss it when he does leave. There’s a pain associated with this change in life that I know will heal, but can leave me a little raw and emotional. I get nostalgic, remembering so many sweet moments, with that happy boy, running through so many fields, trekking along so many creeks, rivers, lakes…I’m so grateful for all those times, for they will be the salve as I face the same process three more times with Sam’s younger brothers. A one, two, three, punch for sure.

There are moments where I dream of the day my home is clean and free of their dirt, grime and sometimes grimy behaviors, but those moments don’t last. Reality is a harsh wench that slaps me back into place…a mother on the cusp of empty nesting…yes, my youngest is only 12 and we have a ways to go, but looking back on the past 18 years, I’m no fool in the game of Time. It goes fast…and I’m just holding on for dear life!

Eighteen years ago, I was so young and naïve, and baby Sammy was the cherry on top of the cake that life seemed to be. He had healing qualities, my mother believed, as she felt better after he would toddle around her, loving on her, while she was undiagnosed, yet suffering from a vicious form of cancer (which later she would triumph over with the Good Lord’s help, HALLELUJAH!). I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam doesn’t bring healing into the lives of others through out his long, prosperous life. We are all, those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, instruments of the Lord, and we will be used, whether willingly and knowingly or not, in the Kingdom Building ventures of Our Master Carpenter and King!

It’s been said from the beginning, that Sam’s an old soul. When he was born, he resembled a very displeased old man; his face and wild cries said, “Oh no, not this again!” I don’t know what to think about reincarnation (how else will Elijah ever come back), but this really was our mutual thought when looking at the little wise acre…he just seemed to know something. There have been times where he seemed to parent me, always sage in his approach, though later own, carrying a pompous undertone…that darned teenaged angst! But he has always amazed me by his decisions concerning certain inevitable invitations. He makes very mature decisions which many under peer pressure seem unable to make. So part of me can barely wait to witness the man he becomes!

1 year old

1 year old

He’s really blessed to have come from a long line of good men. His great-grandfathers, grandfathers, and father were(are) faithful providers for their families and maintain(ed) good reputations as they grew older. They all have deeply rooted faith and I see no reason for that beautiful legacy not to continue. But there’s the 20-30 gap that makes my heart stop. I went through it with my own parents…they were wrong, I was right, stayed away so there was no fight…yeh…I was not right. I’ve told them as much about 100 times in 100 ways, too! HAHA! So I figure, eventually we’ll jump that hurdle (well, I may have to climb over it…) too.

Until then, I’m eighteen years worn and wise and excited for my son’s next steps in life.

And to my son, I say, “Vaya con Dios, y con mi amor todos”…if that’s off, it’s because it’s been ions since I took Spanish! 😉 Go with God and all of my love, dear son.

What’s in a Word: RECREATION

I love “aha” moments. As I was in the throws of a minor rant, I typed the words organizations and recreation, and had a doozy of an “aha” moment, if you will. I am deeply bound to loving Our Creator, Our Father in Heaven, Jehovah Jireh, God Almighty, Yah! Suddenly, the word recreation seemingly rattled my soul. Suddenly, the disdain I have in the hold the sports industry complex has on our men (and some women, God love ya!), made so much more sense than ever before. And suddenly, I knew this profound realization could be blog-worthy. Take it or leave it, here’s my thinking.

In the Bible, there were stadiums (Pagan-run, Pagan-owned) and barbarism ruled those playing fields then, just as it does now. But on a whole, aside from dancing with joy and as a praise and blessing unto the Lord, you really don’t find much coverage in the way of “good ol’ fashioned fun” in the Good Book. The Creator created…and it would seem the devil has recreated, via recreation. Is Satan the head of all distractions? You bet he is. Does he want you to know this? Of course not! So he’s very covert in the ways he causes us to become wayward souls. I believe entertainment to be some form of inner-containment, where we are then prisoners, content in our invisible cells, locked up by lame interests, in an almost hypnotic-like trance.


I am not knocking the talents of the athletic or of the entertainers, for surely they are gifted. But for what true purpose do they serve, but as a distraction from our real lives and what we really could do with all that time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie now and then, myself.  But we’ve gone from rewarding ourselves occasionally to …well, have you seen the humans in Wall-e?  We’re on the fast train to that existence…

Recreation is a false and delightful, nearly endless world these days. You can run, climb, swim, jump, ski, fly, hang, glide, roll, bounce, alone or with an opponent, and you have the perfect excuse that it’s healthy and fun and yes, yes, yes, it’s good for you. While you are doing all of this stuff for yourself, have you ever considered whether or not your time is balanced between thrilling yourself to bits and helping others (our true purpose on Earth)?


I am guilty of self-absorption, and quite often can spend hours reading junk instead of living life, so please do not assume I am about pointing fingers. I’m just trying to help us recognize these ploys of the enemy so we can possibly find a way to turn this sinking ship around and eradicate that beast, in the name of the Lord God Almighty!

How we have traded the gifts of creation that the great Creator made for our pleasure!! Traded in for a muddled world where you can never get enough to quiet the lust for more, whether it be through sports, television, video gaming, clubbing, social networking, anything that keeps us from fulfilling the will of God, that keeps us from being useful in His Kingdom.   We need to really examine our priorities and set things straight, and work full time, for the Kingdom and not for ourselves.  Then, we can truly enjoy an occasional reward, perhaps…He said this wouldn’t be easy!!

Love yourself enough to know what’s good for ya!

Rainbow Mountains in China

Rainbow Mountains in China

Red Beach, Panjin, China

Red Beach, Panjin, China

A rainbow eucalyptus tree from Kailua, Hawaii

A rainbow eucalyptus tree from Kailua, Hawaii

cliffs of Australia (picture credit: Amanda R. Craig)

cliffs of Australia (picture credit: Amanda R. Craig)

recreation is nothing in comparison to God's creation <3

recreation is nothing in comparison to God’s creation ❤