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Are You Among the Missing?

November 12, 2012

The many skills of the farmer are being quickly vaporized in this ever-changing technological age.  If I were to talk about the laborious tasks of shepherds and farmers, many children would scratch their heads at the thought while picturing their happy meal sprouting legs.  As a child,one having grown up on a farm and around ranchers and farmers and other assorted country folk, such thoughts actually evoke scent-based memories, engrained in my very being.

If a cow went missing from a local farm, all surrounding neighbors would go about helping to find the cow and herd it back to it’s home.  The cow’s owner would be so happy and relieved by the return of his beloved animal, that he would often offer a reward, whether it be a bit of cash or his wife’s homemade pie or preserves.  Even though some neighbors were separated by miles, the word would spread quickly, and everyone would suddenly be about finding that cow.  One cow provides enough beef for a family to last a year!  So you understand why a farmer would be exceedingly grateful to have his beloved animal returned!!

(Luke 15)

Jesus is also described as our Shepard.  He watches after us and guides and protects us just as a farmer protects his farm animals by offering them food and shelter.  Sometimes, member of Jesus’ flock wander off into the darkness and become entangled by the briars of this world.  There are many such ways for this to happen, here on Earth.   The world holds captive, those whom become enslaved to the ways of this world.  All of the captivating sights and sounds that are so mesmerizing and curious at first, become the very prison for those pulled in to such captivity.  I have been there, held captive by mindless blather that holds no real value in my REAL world; the world where the work lies waiting to be done.

If we are not diligent, life’s never-ending list of on-going constructs are neglected, such as meaningful, long-spent time with loved ones, household management, and important and necessary errands and obligations.  Suddenly, like a wave, all such things come springing forth, at once, demanding more of us than we seem to have to spare, and we get caught up in it, and lose focus on our Shepard and lose our way, even if temporarily. Overwhelmed by our situation, we can no longer see beyond it, nor do we remember that our help is in the Lord, and all we have to do is call upon Him and He will be right there.  Faster than any imagined superhero, our Hero is our Ever Present Help in times of trouble.

His Light is bright and is always shining, even in the darkest times in your life.  It is in the unexpected kindness of strangers and in the miraculous timing of all things, lining up, right in place, whether  just trying to make it through to the next paycheck, or meal even.  His Light shines warm on His lost sheep, gently calling us back His Peaceful abode, built on the Solid Rock, and beneath His sheltering wings.  He waits there, for us to snap out of our state of panic, and to realize that He’s got our back, in all things.

For those He loves, no matter how far we stray, we are still in the front of Jesus’ mind and the first that come to His heart.  He longs for us to come back to the the stable shelter that is His body, our One True Earthly Home.  His body is where we all function properly together, bring Him glory and honor.  But right now, His body is in pain, as He is missing elemental parts.

Imagine if you lost your pinky toes.  In the whole scheme of things, each pinky toe is insignificant, and small.  With the right shoes, no one would even know they were missing.  However, your pinky toes are tough little nubs.   It will take some adjustment to deal with walking without those little nubs to balance you out.  And it will hurt.  And every time you look down at your feet, you will miss your toes, severely.

This is how Jesus feels about those who asked him into their hearts, but later, wandered off, chasing after ‘desires of the flesh’, or anything that had the ability to draw them away from the Love of God.  Today, there are so many draws, and there are twice as many excuses and explanations as to why ‘there isn’t anything wrong with them’.

Yes, we’ve basically excused our way from beneath the grace of God.  Through idols, through our obsession with larger than life personalities (and what stupid thing they are going to do next), through enticing worldly pleasures(food, sex, drugs, music, film, technology, etc.), through deceptions and through horrific images (politics, war [desensitization, division]), faithfulness in our Heavenly Father has given way to enslavement to Earthly ways.  We’re so entrenched in this culture, that it’s hard to recognize the forest for the trees, so to speak.

And everyone’s just trying to get a leg-up or to stay ahead or keep up in this rat race, no one seems to be concerned with the finish line any more, and keep trying to gain prizes along the way, not realizing they will lose them all at the end!

If you look up, and keep your focus on His ways, as found in His awesome instruction manual, the Bible, you will find out that Christ is your ultimate strength in coping with and overcoming this world and it’s multiple death traps.   From on high, you can recognize the mire which you had accepted as your life and can begin to reach even higher heights with the Master.  This is the true ascension.

We may have to live in this world, for now, but we certainly do not have to be of this world.  Our Father and His Heavenly Host of Angels are busy right now, separating the wheat from the chaff.  I know some of you have chosen to shed your Christianity from your personage, maybe as a way of rebellion, as a youth.   Maybe you are living in a place of constant self-hate and self-punishment, because of your decision.  Today you can end that form of torture.  Change your course today, and RUN into Your Savior’s Arms.  He awaits you, anxiously, with forgiveness, love and healing.

You don’t have to be swept up into the fire with the chaff.  He does not want to see even one lost in the fire.  I know you feel the heat, because the fire is drawing near.  Look at the path you are headed down and ask yourself if your future is bright or if it holds many shadows.  You see your choice is simple.  The Light of the Lord never fades and His Love never ends.  What keeps you from that love?  Is it your opinion of yourself?  Is it your doubt in Him?  What is your hurdle?  He will not wait forever for you to get over it.  Sorry to be blunt, but it’s like 11:30PM, and the joint closes at midnight.   Time to board the ark while the door still stands open.

If you’ve been neglecting your desire to know our Shepard in the storm, now is the time to call out to Him.  He is truly our Hero, conquering both sin and death.  He’s waiting on the remnant.

Until next time,

Vaya con Dios


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  1. electsister777 permalink

    Stacie, this message goes right along with something I was shown today in a dream about getting back to basics. I wasn’t sure if I had the interpretation right, until I saw your blog. What a wonderful message and thank you for posting this, because it really helped me to see that I was right on with the interpretation of what I received.

    God bless you sis!!

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